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retail & wholesale order list


 250 ml size jar


1 – 11 jars


250 ml size jar


12 + jars

Total price per variety

Black Currant Jam




Crabapple Jelly




Gooseberry Jam




Honeyberry Jam




Josta Berry Jam




Country Grape Jelly




Sour Cherry Jam




Nanking Cherry Jelly




Raspberry Jam




Strawberry Jam




Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam




Rhubarb Jam




Saskatoon Jam




Saskatoon Syrup




Saskatoon/Raspberry Medley




Cranberry Conserve








Hot Pepper Jelly




Peach Marmalade

(when in season)










GST @ 5%




Total Order




Contact Information: 

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Contact person if different; _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________


Email address: _______________________________ Phone Number: _______________________


Date needed for: ______________________________


Special custom order requests: __________________________________________________________________________________



25% Deposit required at time of order.  Cheques payable to Shallow Creek Nurseries.  Debit, Mastercard & Visa accepted.

Shallow Creek Nurseries

61, 52152 Rg Rd. 210, Ardrossan, AB.

Just a few of the many tastey varieties we carry!

Click here for enquiries into our Gift boxes of homemade jams and jellies for your customers, freinds and family. A true gift that everyone will enjoy!