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Rabbits are great pets and chickens are easy to raise.  Plus they both produce the best fertilzer!

Our chicken coop with 9 laying hens .
I see our old tractor "Alice" snuck in the picture

Our Grandaughter Emily wanted bunnies for her birthday and of course grandpa couldn't say no, so now add raising rabbits to our already busy work load.
We had to get one boy and one girl so you know what's going to happen. They sure are cuddly and very soft to hold. Emma helps us feed them every weekend and gets to hold them while grandpa cleans the cages.
Other than these times, grandma pretty much raises them.
We didn't realize that rabbit droppings were such good natural fertizer. We had to do some research into the use of the manure we were gathering every weekend.
We found out that rabbit droppings are the richest of all barnyard animal manures, containing 2.4 percent nitrogen, 1.4 percent phosphorous and .6 percent potassium. That's nearly three times as nutrient rich as any other manure on the market (with the possible exception of bat guano), and a really good reason to consider getting a rabbit. Rabbits are fun to play with and will provide you with all the fertilizer you can use.

2007 update! We are selling bunnies!

Wow! Didn't orginally plan on it, but we are now breeding Dwarf Hoto and Dwarf Rex crosses. As well have added Dwarf Holland Lopps to the mix. Weened dwarf crosses will be available for sale in 2007 from our nursery as well. We hold them every day and they eat out of hands. Fabulous pet.


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