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Enjoy the country charm of our Prairie Preserves!


At Shallow Creek Nurseries we have established a unique orchard in central Alberta Canada that hosts a large variety of hardy fruits for the Canadian prairies.  Some of these fruits you’ll remember from your grandmothers table and others are new to the prairies.  Once our harvests are completed, we process all our preserves in our Capital Health inspected kitchen on the premises.  You will not find preservatives, colors or additives in our products, just old fashioned goodness.


Special event (weddings, corporate parties etc) gift boxes are available by making selections from the following tables.  You may select from the larger jars – 250 ml size or the smaller jars – 125 ml size.


 We will customize your order to meet your needs.  For example, if you hosting a special event that requires a certain color theme we can do that.  If you are decorating the preserve jars with your own touch we can use special jars.  If you have health concerns and require sugar free preserves for diabetic clients, please let us know. If you want to make a substitution we can look at your request and do our best to accommodate.

The standard label that is included on each box will have a space to fill in To: and From:.  If you wish, we can customize the label as well to suit your event (for e.g. “Thank you for sharing our special day, Love Wade and Shannon”) or (“Merry Christmas to you and your staff from Shallow Creek Nurseries Ltd.”)



**250 ml size gift boxes contain 4 jars. Each jar is a different flavor from our “Prairie Collection” and gift wrapped with country ribbon and raffia.  At Christmas time, the boxes will be a country Christmas theme. Each gift box will include a serving knife. The jars have ribbons tied around the top including the label with the ingredients of each preserve. There will a label affixed to the bottom of each box indicating what 4 varieties of preserves are in the box.

Choose 4 of your top picks from the following table by checking off with a 1st pick.  It’s a good idea to pick 2 alternates in case we are no longer able to supply a specific fruit. 


**125 ml size gift boxes contain 4 jars as well, each in a different flavor.  These are decorated the same and include a serving knife as well. A label will be affixed to the bottom of each box indicating what 4 flavors are in the box.  The 125 ml size include all of the flavors of the  Prairie Collection” line and in addition, selections from the Holiday Collection.”


“Prairie Collection” 250 ml size @ $24.00 each


______Black Currant Jam – tart and robust flavor

______Crabapple Jelly – while quantities last, this is popular!

______Gooseberry Jam – old time favorite and hard to find *****

______Honeyberry Jam – a new crop for the prairies, tastes like strong blueberries

______Josta Berry Jam – unknown to most, a cross between Black currant and Gooseberry

______Country Grape Jelly – made from our own grapes, rich flavor

______Sour Cherry Jam – Absolutely wonderful!  Processed from our new hardy cherries.

______Nanking Cherry Jelly – an old standby remembered by many

______Raspberry Jam – hard to beat!

______Strawberry Jam – just like grandma used to make

______Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam – most popular at the farmers markets

______Rhubarb Jam – made from our Honeyred Rhubarb

______Saskatoon Jam – Prairie favorite for sure!

______Saskatoon Syrup – perfect for pancakes or ice cream

______Saskatoon/Raspberry Medley – combination of two great fruits

______variety packs – any 4 of any of the above gift boxed (each box would be different).





Holiday Collection” 125 ml size @ 16.50 each

______Black Currant Jam                  _______Gooseberry Jam

______Honeyberry Jam                      _______Josta Berry Jam

______Country Grape Jelly               _______Sour Cherry Jam

______Nanking Cherry Jelly              _______Raspberry Jam

______StrawberryJam           ______Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam

______Rhubarb Jam                            _______Saskatoon Jam

______Saskatoon Syrup          ______Saskatoon/Raspberry Medley

______Cranberry Conserve – A delicious sauce made with cranberries, apples, oranges and Grand 

      Marnier.  Serve with roast turkey or chicken.                 

______Carrot Cake Jam – Just what it says

______Pineapple Mango Jam – A tropical treat

______Salsa – mild to medium salsa processed from our fresh garden tomatoes

______Hot Pepper Jelly – for the holiday season, nice hot jelly served best with cream cheese over  crackers or as a side spread on meat.

______Peach Marmalade – A wonderful combination of peaches and citrus

______variety packs – any 4 of any of the above flavors gift boxed (each box will be different)


Gift Box Order Form

  Please provide the following information when placing an order:


Name: __________________________________________________________________

Contact Person: __________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________


Contact Phone # ______________________________________

Contact email address _________________________________

Date required for delivery: _________________________

Custom order requests:  (will do our best to accommodate all special requests) ___________________________________________________________



A deposit of 25% of the total order is required at the time of the order:  Make cheques payable to Shallow Creek Nurseries Ltd at 61, 52152 Rg. Rd. 210, Ardrossan, AB. T8G 1A5 or by:

Visa # _________________________________________________ Exp ____________

Mastercard # ___________________________________________ Exp _____________

Name on card: ___________________________________________________________


Signature of card holder:









From the Prairie Collection

How many gift Boxes?




Price $26.00 per box.



GST @ 5%



Total Order:





From the

Holiday Collection

How many gift boxes?


Price $16.50 per box. 



GST @ 5%




Total Order:






Please fax both the Preserve selections page and the order form back to 780-922-0493 or mail completed forms to Shallow Creek Nurseries Ltd, 61, 52152 Rg. Rd. 210, Ardrossan, Alberta T8G 1A5.  Must include a deposit of 25% at time of order.

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