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We will still be selling saskatoons for 2009. Our recommendation is that that you grow more than one variety of Saskatoon bush, as each has their own unique flavour and size. Each cultivar bears fruit at slightly different times, so you can enjoy the fresh berry taste longer.

wonderfully tasty saskatoons

Most of our customers plant this delicious fruit bush for their own enjoyment.  Nothing tastes better than a piece of Saskatoon pie or Saskatoon jam on warm toast first thing in the morning.  How about a fresh nutricious snack right from of the bush? Sounds good doesn't it! 
Plant enough of this prairie favorite for your own backyard enjoyment or start a small u-pick.   The options are endless! 


Amelanchier alnifolia

Honeywood-  Flowers later than the other cultivars ( 4 - 8 ) days later. It's stouter size ( 8 - 10 ft.) and larger fruit make it an excellent variety to grow. Yields 9 - 15 berries per cluster. Excellent full tangy flavour.

Martin - This variety has been derived from the 'Thiessen'  but with more uniformed ripening . Very large and tasty berries.

Nelson - Another later bloomer making it good for early frosts. This tree grows to approx. 5 feet tall, making it an excellent choice if planting space is limited, or their is a desire for a shorter shelterbelt or hedge. Fruit up to 13mm. with a good tangy flavour.  Our favorite at Shallow Creek.

Northline - Very productive and occupies an increasing proportion of the commercial berry industry. Has a full flavour that we know you'll love. Grows 8 - 10 feet tall when mature and bears fruit up to 16mm. in diameter.  A good choice!

Smokey - The most popular cultivar to date. Grows 10 to 12 feet, with fruit up to 14mm. in diameter. Good mild flavour and an excellent producer.

Thiessen - Much favoured for u-pick operations because of the large fruit (17mm.). Flowers a few days earlier than the other varieties. A very good producer with some uneven ripening.  An excellent juicy selection.  

        Order form and sizes available for 2009 will soon be available. 


" Alice" (as in Allis Chalmers) watching over some young Nelson Saskatoons

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