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We are always trying new fruit products and varieties and only sell what we can grow ourselves! ( This page is still under constuction so check back again for some very interesting tidbits! )

Rows of honeyberries and saskatoons

Some of our grape selections.
These were rooted from dormant wood in Feb.2005.

2007 Was An Interesting Year Indeed!
Saskatoons- We didn't plant anything new for this year as we have most of the varieties we want and don't have to worry about the hardiness of any saskatoon plant. 
What we have to worry about though is the Saskatoon Sawfly. I would estimate the damage to our crop to be around 75% in 2005, 60% in 2006 , and 25% in 2007. Better Luck this year.
Honeyberries- Well the honeyberries blossomed very early as predicted. It was a beautiful sight to see the pretty yellow flowers after a long winter. We never lost one plant to the cold so again we're very excited about our future plans for the honeyberry. Last years crops were incredible and the jams were full of the honeyberry flavour.
Cherries- We really enjoyed tasting all of the new varieties of cherries last year (from the University of Saskatchewan selection) and look forward to the bigger crops this year. We did not lose any of our cherry trees to the hard winter we had to endure.
The latest variety we are testing is the North Star Cherry which has been around for a while but not really tested in our area for hardiness...we'll keep you updated.
Pears - Who says you can't grow pear trees in northern Alberta. Again we had no losses from the winter punishment. The trees are all blossoming beautifully and we are awaiting this years crops. We really admire the golden bark and magestic beauty these trees behold and are planting more for the shear pleasure of seeing them in our orchard.