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Rubus - Raspberry

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Sweet juicy raspberries now available in lots of tasty varieties!

Sweet Fall Golds !!!

Raspberry - Rubus



Aubin Black Raspberry     best pick

Rubus Aubin Black

A vigorous Black Raspberry that produces heavily every year.  This bush produces a favorite for fresh eating, baked in muffins, jam, jelly and juice.  Has a sprawling growth habit.  Good up against a fence.

Height:  150 cm / 5 ft                           Spread:  125 cm / 4 ft


Wyoming Black Raspberry

Rubus 'Wyoming'

A popular choice if space is limited.  Wyoming is the only non-suckering raspberry that we offer.  Fruit is black when ripe and our favorite flavour of all!

Height:  125 cm / 4 ft                           Spread: 90 cm / 3 ft


Fall Gold Raspberry

Rubus Fall Gold

The fruit is so tasty!  Firm sweet golden yellow raspberries are produced twice a year.  Mid-summer and another crop in the fall.  At Shallow Creek we have eaten Fall Gold raspberries well into late September.  Great for eating fresh, deserts, muffins, jam and jelly.

 Height:  4 ft                          Spread:  18"


Double Delight (red raspberry)

Rubus Double Delight

A primocane selection.   Large red berries with a delightful flavour that are produced typically from late summer into the fall.  Mow to the ground in the spring and they will grow back and fruit successfully within the same season.  Excellent for jam, freezing and preserves.

Height:  4 ft.                                    Spread:  4 feet


SK Red Mammoth       

Rubus Red Mammoth

Very vigorous floricane introduced by the University of Saskatchewan.  These fruit on 2 year old wood.  Very large firm berries with exceptional sweet taste.  A great landscaping choice for a fruit hedge.

Height:  4 ft.                                  Spread:  3 feet


Boyne Red Raspberry    old favorite!

Rubus Boyne

A Floricane variety for summer bearing. An old favorite that is a good performer.  Produces large sweet dark red berries, excellent for fresh eating, freezing, preserves and baking.

Height:  2m / 6 ft                                    Spread:  1m / 3 ft


Tips for Rasberry Growers:

1.  Don't mulch raspberries, they like warm feet

2.  Floricane varieties fruit during summer.  Not recommended as much for Southern Alberta as they are subject to winter kill from the  chinook winds.

3.  Primocane varieties are fall bearing and produce fruit on the current season's growth.  Production begins in mid to late August.  Canes may be mowed or pruned down in March or April each year. 

4.  Pick raspberries 3 or 4 times a week when ripe

5.  Raspberries break dormancy early, so plant them as early as possible.

6.  For clay soils add high organic matter

7.  The growing site should have good air circulation for disease prevention. 

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