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Actinidia- Kiwi

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Yes, we can grow KIWI vines in Western Canada. These vines take a few years to establish, but once they do, they are quite interesting to grow!

Hardy Kiwi 'Issai'

' Arctic Beauty ' has beautiful foliage.

The Issai Hardy and the Kolmitka Kiwis bear at a very young age and are delicious eating . They will mature to cover a trellis, arbor or fence.  The 'Issai'  makes a suitable vine or ground covering. Plant both varieties in a well protected sunny location. Although sometimes slow to establish, these unique vines are well worth the extra effort.





Kiwi Actinidia

Hardy Kiwi

'Issai'  Actinidia arguta Issai

A hardy Kiwi that can grow on the prairies.  The Issai is a self pollinating vine that produces smooth green fruit in early spring.  Produces seedless fruit without another pollinator,  however greater production success is produced with a male.  Prefers full sun to partial shade.  Can grow 25 to 30 ft. and fill a 200 sq. ft. trellis in  time. 


Arctic Beauty Kiwi

 Actinidia kolmikta 

A beautiful and very hardy kiwi vine that can grow 3 m high and produces sweet small green fruit.  We have found this variety to be hardier  than the Issai in our test plots.