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The Josta Berry is a delicious cross between a Black Currant and a Gooseberry.  What a treat!!!
Our goosebery jam is always the first jam we sell out of so order early.

Gooseberry - Ribes


'Pixwell' Gooseberry

(Ribes hertellum)

The Pixwell is a self fertile low spreading shrub that has greenish purple flowers in the spring.  The gooseberries start out green and ripen to pink during the summer.  The Pixwell is a little easier to pick because it has fewer thorns than other varieties.  Works well in full sun or a shade garden.  Beautiful fall foliage which adds valuable landscape value.  Not pest resistant, you may have to treat in spring. 

Height:  125 cm / 4 ft               Spread:  125 cm / 4 ft         



'Hinnonmacki' Gooseberry

(Ribes X hinnonmacki red)

A more rounded shape than the Pixwell, with large masses of red berries in the summer. This is a vigorous hardy shrub that is mildew resistent. Has prickly wood, so be careful when picking these delicious berries. Also great for jam, jelly, baking,and deserts.  High yielder.  Not pest resistant, may have to treat in spring.

Height:  125 cm / 4 ft            Spread:  125 cm / 4 ft                Flowers:  White



Josta Berry - Ribes 


'Jostaberry'(Ribes Jostaberry)'best pick'

The Jostaberry isn't familiar to most, but its one of our favorites!  A cross between a gooseberry and a black current.  This narrow formed bush is self pollinating and  mildew resistant. Usually produces in the second year.  Fruit is green when young and deep purple when ripe in July.  Jostaberries are tangy sweet and high in Vitamin C.  Good for jelly, baking and fresh eating. For a different tasty treat, try a Jostaberry. The berries burst with a fresh tangy flavour! 

Height:  2m / 6 ft                 Spread: 1m / 3 ft                       Flowers:  White