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We are succesfully growing  black, red and white varieties and had a very plentiful harvest for 2008. 

Current - Ribes


Ben Conan

Ribes 'Ben Conan'

A cross between the 'Ben Sarek' and the 'Ben Lomond.'  Extremely large berries that are very flavourful.  One of the highest yielders.  Ripens mid summer.

Height:  3 ft                               Spread:   3 ft               Flowers:   white


Ben Nevis Black Current   best pick!

Ribes 'Ben Nevis'

A superior current that has been selected for heavy commercial production.  Produces large black berries.  A good hardy prairie current that is just excellent for herbal tea, jelly, meat sauces and syrup. Black currents contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins A,B and C.  Great nutritional value.  Ripens mid summer.

Height:  4 ft                             Spread 4 ft                     Flowers:  white


Ben Sarek Black Currant

Ribes 'Ben Sarek'

A compact bush with with large fruit and very high yelds.  A favourite for commercial use.  Ripens mid summer. A healthy choice! 

Height:  3 ft                             Spread:  3 ft                   Flowers:  white


Boskoop Black Currant

Ribes 'Boskoop'

Large black fruit in clusters with an excellent rich flavour.  A strong aroma from the leaves when you touch them.  A good hardy grower for the prairies.  Ripens mid summer.

Height:  3 ft                           Spread:  3 ft                     Flowers:  white


Red Lake  Red Current

Ribes 'Red Lake'

These shrubs bear heavy clusters of red currents.  Excellent for tea,  jelly,  jams and sauces.  A good dense compact shrub good for urban landscaping.  Tolerates a wide range of soil conditions.

Height:  1 m / 3 ft                       Spread:  1m / 3 ft                     



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