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Hardy grapes suitable for prairie landscapes!   We are always trying new varieties so come back often.
Prices and sizes will be available soon for 2009 orders.

Emma holding a basket of Stueben grapes.
These are off of ONE 4 yr. old vine.

Easy picking when they're this size.
You should taste them right off of the vine!

   Grapes - Vitis
Vitis 'Beta'
A well known hardy variety popular for its blue-black fruits which are used for juice and jelly.  Not good for wine.  Hybrid of Vitis riparia and Concord. Good climber to fill in areas where you need privacy. 
Vitis 'Delisle'
A very hardy rose coloured grape that makes excellent wine.  Good for the colder climates as it ripens in mid August.
Kay Gray
Vitis 'Kay Gray'
The grape from this vine produces white wine.  A good sized grape also good for fresh eating.  Very hardy and productive.
Kee Wah Din
Vitis 'Kee Wah Din'
Johnson hybrid (Oshu X Baco Noir).  A small blue grape that ripens in mid August.  Very cold hardy making this grape a good selection for a prairie hardy vine fruit.
King of the North
Vitis 'King of the North'
A hardy grape vine that produces fruit worthy of great juice, wine and table grapes.  Ripens first week of September. 
Prairie Star
Vitis 'Prairie Star'
A grape vine selection for white wine.  This hardy variety is disease resistant and ripens first week of Sept.
Vitis 'Sabrevois'
Has the same parent as St. Croix, but more winter hardy and more disease resistant.  Does not do well in drought areas.  Make superb red wine from the grapes.  Prune to long canes.  Ripens first week of Sept.
Valiant Grape
Vitis 'valiant'
A good quality selection for harsh climates.  These dark blue grapes are excellent for making jelly and juice.  Good wine after aging for a year or two.  Ripens end of August. 

Not quite ready to pick, but looking good !!