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 Black Currant Jelly 

Our Black Currant jelly is made from Black Currant berries that grow locally in our Alberta region.  Black Currants have been noted for their nutraceutical properties.   Eating the fruit has shown benefits to the heart, circulatory system, kidney function, liver function and the digestive system. 

 The jelly is processed from 100% pure Black Currant extracted juice.  It is delicious and can be served many different ways.  Try this wonderful preserve on toast, bagels, waffles and pancakes and also served as a glaze or sauce on pork, or beef (meatballs.)  Just mix equal parts Black Currant jelly with BBQ sauce and you will have a tasty sauce to serve on your entre.  This recipe is a family favorite!

NO artificial colours or flavourings are used in any Shallow Creek product.

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